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What to expect during a bathroom remodel

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A bathroom remodeling project can be overwhelming but it can go smoothly if you know the basic tips. It can be quite expensive based upon your perceptions, choice of material, and the total amount you want to spend. A well-planned remodeling project can expect approximately 70 to 80 percent return on investment. It’s not necessary that overspending will definitely get you the best return on your investment. The enjoyment and lasting value you will get from your nice bathroom are priceless over the time and a bathroom remodel is a feasible option for owners who want their house to shine.

When the decision is made to remodel your bathroom it can be a good reason for your excitement. It can be the most gratifying experience for the homeowner. The profits of a bathroom remodel are endless ranging from physical, mental, and of course financial payback. It should be said, however, than a bathroom remodeling project cannot be taken lightly. Extreme thoughtfulness, care, and caution are necessary to meet the requirements. In this article, we'll share are a few things that are most common to expect during a your bathroom remodel.

First, you should think about your budget before starting your project. You should make sure how much money you want to invest on your bathroom. It can be a good idea to decide how much you want to invest; you should also add a little extra fund to be safe in case of any extra purchasing. This technique of budgeting can prove helpful if things turn out of your budget, the project will still be finished.

The next thing you can expect is the shopping of materials that can be used in your bathroom remodeling project. You should read the online reviews of customers at different websites with different prices. Reviews and prices can vary between different models, manufacturers, and suppliers. So, you should take the proper time to check and verify during this part of the remodeling process. You should also ask your suppliers for special financial deals, like coupons and other offers. You should also check the return policy of your suppliers before ordering any material.

This is the time you should also think about the layout of your bathroom. You should think about the available space and how it will be used. After deciding the budget, you have to consider and plan to put the things properly in your bathroom. Now is the time to think about the configuration and layout of the bathroom. It is a very crucial step to list all the things you want in your bathroom and decide roughly where you want to set them.

In closing, let your contractor help you with all your expectations. Trust your contractor for your considerations. A good and experienced contractor will help you with a great option for every item you need for your bathroom remodeling project. They will definitely solve your confusion and help you choose the best option that works for you and worth the cost.

If you purchase your products without consulting your contractor, there can be problems. This is something important that we could avoid as much as possible because we know the results. Be sure that you are responsible for all your decisions. Everything has to be done in a sequence that it will be worth it all. In the end, you will be very happy you took the time for proper planning!

Is it time for a Bathroom Remodel? Here’s How You Can Tell.

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There comes a time in every homeowners life where they start to see visual wear and tear on their bathrooms. Once this happens, you begin to ask, "Is it time for a bathroom remodel?"

In this post, we'll cover a few things that will help you to make the decision about the condition of your bathroom. For example; you should notice that your toilet is working properly or if there is rust in the bathtub, or the floor tiles are broken. The other things that tell you that it is the time for a bathroom remodel are listed below:

  • If you feel that your bathroom looks outdated and old with new generation facilities and designs than an improvement to your bathroom is a must. You should focus on the walls and other modern vanities for your bathroom to give it a new look.
  • If you find there is moisture & humidity inside the bathroom, then also you need a remodeling. You should start creating pine paneling that can handle intense moisture & humidity in your moisture. You can customize your panels like cedar paneling or pine paneling accommodated by your budget. These panels can be sealed, stained, or even glossy white. It will protect your bathroom from moisture and also give it a new look.
  • The small things like yellowing fixtures, loose wallpapers, flaky grouts, and other symptoms of wear & tear are giving you a signal that this is the high-time you could really use some bathroom remodeling. These are the little things to realize but there are other bigger things yet to come.
  • If your bathroom is outdated, you still use linoleum on the floor, or the color and the fixtures are of 70’s era, then it may be time for a remodel.  Although we do love watching the T.V. show, that 70's show, we don't recommend you live through it by way of the look of your bathroom! If this sounds like you, it may be time for a bathroom refresher.
  • When you have decided to sell your house, you should take a look around and check what you can change to give a better look before presenting it to the buyers. The bathroom is one of the most important parts of a house that the buyers scrutinize cautiously. If your bathroom is dark or having outdated vanities then it can hinder your chances to sell your house. You should spend a little time and money to renovate your bathroom. It will definitely help you in selling your property for more money than you are expecting.

When you are all set to remodel your bathroom, you will be surprised about the ideas and the completely new concepts that are perfect for the improvement of your bathroom. May be you are not able to remodel your bathroom completely; you can improve it in steps. And if you need extensive remodeling, you might consider hiring a bathroom remodeling contractor. It is not a job for a trainee plumber. You should ask around before hiring a contractor to remodel your bathroom. You can easily add new décor to your bathroom. There are so many reasons to remodel your bathroom and if any of these applies to you, it is time for you to get busy. For additional tips and information on bathroom designs and vanities, keep visiting our page.

How to choose the right color for your new bathroom

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Color choices based on their temperatures are one of the preferences when giving a new look to the specific area of your house. Whether it is a kitchen, a drawing room, bedroom, living room, a bathroom, or a balcony; you should take time before choosing the final color. However, there is a reason for standardizing a color, its temperature, and its look. There can be different color choices based on the area, place, temperature, and lighting.

When it comes to your bathroom, you should make the decision very carefully. Generally, a bathroom in any house is smaller than other rooms, but is equally important, and people don’t give any special attention to the look of your bathroom. But when they come across to attractive and luxurious bathrooms, they always think to renovate their own.

Therefore, it is more important to choose the right color for your bathroom to give it a new look. You should make a commitment that you will present your bathroom with a new color and look to your family and visitors. When you invest in your property – you work to beautify it and raise it's value - which helps in creating a sense of satisfaction in ownership.

Generally, colors create an atmosphere and set mood within your space. When you are all set to paint your bathroom, you need to choose it wisely because painting your house is not something that you can do frequently. The color you choose for your bathroom should work impeccably with the décor and furniture of your house. Before choosing the right color for your bathroom, you should think about the other walls and décor in your house, it will narrow your choices.

Cool colors like medium or dark give an impression of large space and light colors help in promoting serenity and calmness. If you want to use different shades, make sure the shades complement each other. When you are buying paints, you should also buy the color wheel to check how the colors match with each other. There are two types of paint styles – latex and oil. Most commonly, latex is used in home improvement and while oil-based paints are used for the wood surface priming. Latex paints hold the color for a long time and are less likely to peel and chip.

Depending on the space and direction and sun-light complexion, you can also consider the sheen style. Wall paints come in different sheens, from semi gloss to high gloss to matte paints that have a feel of texture when they get dry. To paint a bathroom, you need a sheen that will not stain or spot easily. High gloss paints would work in living areas while for the bathrooms you can choose a satin finish because you don’t need much shine in your bathroom.

Whatever color or paint style you choose for your rooms and bathrooms, you need to make sure that the walls are perfectly dry before replacing the furniture and dropping the clothes.

Enjoy the new look of your bathroom and let the new shades on walls shine and giving a feel of home. You can also consider adding flower pots and plants to your bathroom to create a natural beauty. Tiles on the floor and walls can also give beautiful look to your bathroom. Discover more great tips about improving your bathroom painting schemes, decorating ideas, and storage containers to fit your space and budget. We are offering great ideas here.

Frequently asked Bathroom remodel questions

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There can be different reasons for people to remodel their bathrooms. Like space is small, difficult to use, or unsafe with the fitting, or you are living with the elders and the old styles are not comfortable to them. If so, then you are right with your decision of remodeling your bathroom. When you decided to remodel your bathroom, there are endless options and it is not easy to choose them.

The modern modifications and fittings can improve the style and safety for you and your elders and allow you to continue with the independent lifestyle you and your elders want. This article will explore the frequently asked question for bathroom remodeling.

  • How much time this project will take? This is the most frequently asked question but there is no set or exact answer for this question. It totally depends on the scope of your project and how big fittings you want in your bathroom. Also, keep in mind the place where you live because in some areas you need permission from the authorities for any type of construction.
  • Who can help me? This question is important to ask. Some contractors are not expert with modern construction requirements and are not familiar with modern products and techniques to install. They also do not know how to make the universal design solutions accessible in existing area. If you do get a contractor, make sure they are good with bathroom remodels. Houzz is a great place to look for help.  Whichever contractor you use, just make sure they have a good portfolio of previous projects, such as this one.
  • How can I plan my project? This is the important part of your bathroom remodeling strategy. At this point, your visions take shapes. You can search for the design magazines’, architectures, and other web searches. In theses, finding you will get what you want to add in your remodeling project.
  • What can be the budget? During your remodeling plan, your budget depends on your requirements, product quality, and style you want. Your budget may vary depending on your choices. Deciding on your budget before time can help you keep in line when it comes to finalizing the design.
  • Will the project go well? You may have heard the stories of poor work done in bathroom remodeling projects of your neighbors and your relatives and this is the reason you invest your time in asking questions before beginning your project. Otherwise, there can be another story of your project with poor work quality.
  • What is the return on investment? One of the most important questions to ask is how much return you will get on your investment on bathroom remodeling. Experts say that a bathroom remodel can go a long way with a significant return and it adds a great value to your home. It will certainly help you in selling your house more than your estimation.

Now that you know all the questions about the universal and easily accessible remodeling designs, you can start not only to improve the safety and functions of a bathroom space but you can improve the style of your bath place. Questions related bathroom remodeling are very important and no matter what is the size of your project and where you live, you should find the answers without settling up on what is available at first.

Bathtub vs Shower for your new bathroom remodel

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A bathroom is one of the important places of a home. The condition and the fixtures in a bathroom decide the value of a house. Nowadays, a bathroom is not just a place of hygiene and grooming, it can be a perfect place for de-stressing and relaxing and a space to pamper you. Most of the projects of remodeling a bathroom starts with bathroom showers and tubs.

A shower or a bathtub is usually the main feature of any bathroom. Here are some important bits of advice on choosing a shower or a bathtub to suit you. First of all, you should choose the best quality shower and bathtub in your budget that will remain fixed in your bathroom. If installed properly, a good bathroom and or shower can last more than 25 years, so getting it right the first time is important.


Showers are more common than bathtubs in households because showers take less space than bathtubs. Also, many people simply enjoy showers more. There are various types of showers available in the market. Some can be installed above the tubs, some can be walk-in showers. Pre-fabricated and steam showers are also available.  Choose a design and quality that is more comfortable to you. You can ask the store assistant to help in making the decision with quality, style, and budget. You can also read reviews of customers if you are buying them online.  In any case, selecting a stylish and good quality shower will add a special touch to your bathroom.


If you choose a bathtub, you should consider it's quality first. It can be installed easily and it will remain  functional for at least 25 years or longer of done correctly. This is the reason you should take time before choosing the best one for you.

You should also consider a few other things before choosing a bathtub, such as: the reason why you want to install a tub, the space available in your current bathroom, and the size of the person or people who will be using it. If you are a plus sized person, you will want a larger bathtub. If a disabled person will be using it, you will want special accommodations built in with the tub.  Some people have other special uses as well, so you should choose the best and comfortable one for you.

In the nutshell, both the showers and bathtubs are popular choices to have in any modern bathroom.  Both help you destress, relax, and cleanse yourself - as well as add value to your home if it is up to date. You should take time to choose the best one for your requirements.