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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: With all the cruelty in the world, how can you kill those cute little Naugas just for their hydes?
A: We don’t. Naugas shed their hydes without harm to themselves, making Naugahyde the Cruelty-Free Fabric. For more information and pictures about Naugas, their history and their habits, read the Nauga Story.

Q: May I purchase Naugahyde factory-direct?
A: Naugahyde is sold through a nation-wide network of distributors. Complete the “Request More Information” form and we’ll locate your closest distributor for you.

Q: We are a large manufacturer that uses coated vinyl in large quantities. Can we buy factory direct?
A: Yes! Our customer service department handles these requests on a case by case basis. Complete the “Request More Information” and we’ll see that you receive a prompt reply.

Q: Is BeautyGard on all Naugahyde products? If not, how do I know if I’ve got a BeautyGard color?
A: The Advanced BeautyGard topcoat finish is on all Naugahyde products with the exception of Zodiac. (Zodiac has the wet look and BeautyGard topcoat would tone down the luster.) Naugahyde patterns that use the BeautyGard finish have the BeautyGard designation on the swatch card. For more specific information contact our Naugahyde National Sales Office at (Toll-Free) 1-877-628-4248 or your authorized Naugahyde distributor.

Q: What’s the difference between BeautyGard and “Advanced” BeautyGard?
A: Advanced BeautyGard provides:

An expanded range of cleanability.
Improved stain resistance.
“High level” infectability performance.
Improved abrasion resistance.
Q: Is BeautyGard used on Naugaform products; e.g., golf cart seat and other vac-form applications?
A: BeautyGard is used on Naugaform 4000 (AVS). Where “pour-in-place” foam formulations are used in vacuum forming processes, the synergy of chemical formulations becomes more critical and should be reviewed individually.

Q: Can I repeatedly expose BeautyGard products to wiping with household bleach or naphtha?
A: Follow cleaning instructions at “Cleaning Naugahyde.” The information is also listed on back of all Naugahyde sample cards. For very special situations, we suggest that you contact our National Sales Office at our Toll-Free number 1-877-628-4248

Q: What do environmentally friendly material and processes really mean?
A: “Environmentally friendly” applies to top coat technology. Naugahyde does not use solvent chemicals (VOCs) or ozone depleting chemicals (ODCs).

Q: Why do you test with the Wyzenbeek Method and suggest the abradants referenced?
A: The Wyzenbeek test method has been determined by the coated fabrics industry to be the most comparable mechanical test to actual conditions to which upholstery fabrics are exposed. The abradants noted relate closely to fibers used in most clothing materials; i.e., polyester/polyester cotton, used in pants, shorts, dresses, and denim used in blue jeans/work clothing.

Q: What’s the difference between bacteria and fungus?
A: Both are microscopic forms of plant life. Bacteria can be both good and bad. Bad bacteria are what are known as disease. The fungus is microscopic plant life without chlorophyll; i.e., mildew, fungus, mold, etc. Agents contained in Naugahyde formulas control both.

Q: What is your source for disinfectant claims?
A: Information on this subject has been obtained from the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, GA.

Q: Does the Center for Disease Control define what constitutes infectability?
A: Yes. Information from the CDC, Federal Drug Administration and OSHA are available for “Pass outs.”

Q: What specific stain exposures continue to cause problems for Naugahyde BeautyGard?
A: Permanent markers (containing ketones), permanent dyes, and some ballpoint pen inks. No known upholstery coated fabrics are completely stained proof.

Q: Why don’t you recommend Formula 409, Fantastic, Armor-All as cleaning products?
A: These consumer products are subject to change without public notice to the consumer and may contain chemicals, which would attack a vinyl-coated fabric. We have no control of the active ingredients in commercial cleaners.

Q: Why do you recommend testing in an inconspicuous area first? Don’t you have confidence in your product?
A: Most interior furnishings materials; i.e., carpet, upholstery fabrics, etc. suggest testing an inconspicuous area first before overall cleaning. It is a good caution to the consumer and really makes good common sense.

Q: Your cleaning instructions suggest that I avoid using paper towels for cleaning. Why avoid the use of paper towels?
A: Paper towels are many times made from recycled materials and contain particles such as ink. This would contaminate the cleaning process. Therefore, a soft white cloth is recommended.

Q: Do you have a cleaning procedure for none-BeautyGard Naugahyde products?
A: Use mild soap and warm water to remove most dirt/stains.